Hearing Protection & Noise Induced Hearing Loss

It is estimated that over 30 million Americans are exposed to unsafe noise levels at work. Many more participate in noisy recreational activities, such as hunting, snowmobiling and music. Noise induced hearing loss can result from a one-time exposure or repeated exposure to unsafe noise levels. When noise reaches a certain level, it causes the small fibers in the inner ear to shear and break, causing a permanent hearing loss.

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable! As such we offer custom hearing protection for a variety of activities, including hunting, motorsports, and music. Custom hearing protection can be made in a variety of materials, colors and styles for the utmost in personalization.

Musician's earplugs
Musician's earplugs offer several degrees of noise reduction and a flat frequency response, allowing the user to hear music and speech clearly at a safe volume level.

Hunter's earplugs
Hunter's earplugs have special filters that provide access to speech and environmental noise yet instant protection when the gun is fired. With custom fit earpieces, avid hunters will have the comfort for those all-day outings.

Swim Plugs
As lakeshore residents, water-based activities are a popular recreation. Don't miss out on a single opportunity! For those prone to swimmer's ear or those with PE tubes, custom swim plugs are a great option to keep you in the water! Comfortable enough to wear for hours and secure enough to surf or jump waves, custom plugs are available for all ages. Semi-custom earplugs are also available for a low-cost solution.